Smoking Slippers for Spring

Thankfully you do not have to wear an uncomfortabe high heel  to be fashionable this Spring. Fashion dictates that you can now wear smoking slippers or a take-off on them on the street.  These are a nice alternative to the heavy leather loafers or hardly there ballet flats we have been seeing worn for years. Smoking slippers have a very distinctive look that includes a raised vamp with a slight notch on either side.


As smoking is not that fashionable any more they also go by the names of Venetian loafers. This is such a classic style. It is hard opt believe that it has been around since the 1800s but rarely worn outdoors.


To make the shoe more street worthy it has been all about the embellishments, details and accents.  Many shoe companies and designers this year have made of signature Venetian slipper of their own.


Liam Fahy makes a navy pair that features to bright silver medallions on a navy brushed sued shoe with a 1/4 inch heel. This makes them look less like they belong in the bedroom and more like a walking shoe.


Several designers have made the slippers in rich velvet for translation to street wear. This makes them feel and look very luxurious.  Marc by marc Jacobs has made a very luxurious looking black and white velvet pair with tiny heart shaped black and white leather appliques.  The Alexander McQueen version is a right tomato red with a skull emblazoned on the vamp. The vamp on the Charlotte Olympia style is a deep rich grape purple with a slightly raise bright gold leather heel and a white kitten face stitched on the vamp.


Expect to see printed designs made out of call hair as well. Phillip Lim makes a pair that is a  zebra striping of patent leather and burgundy calf hair. The Christian Loubetan version is black and white zebra striped printed calf skin with a bright orange toe with gold studs and yellow trim.


Jimmy Choo also makes a cheetah print on calfskin version with green blue and red printing and an insignia on the vamp.  This is a very flat version of the classic smoking slipper.


The nicest thing about smoking slippers is that they are a bit more comfortable to walk in than ballet styles simply because they have a bit of a raised heel.  The best thing is that they go well with either skirts or pants.