How to Look Good at a Golf Course

There is a reason why women who play golf sometimes are made fun of for the way they dress. Some of the clothes are so unattractive that they make you look like a school marm. However you finally have more options so that you don’t have to look too “unsexy” while you are playing golf.


If you want to avoid dressing like a nerd on the golf course then –


Avoid wearing polyester or anything that could constitute being an unknown man-made fiber at all costs.


Avoid wearing anything sky blue with too much white. Same goes for lime green.


Avoid wearing polyester blends that are shiny and so thin that they drape and cling in the wrong places.


Avoid work out gear that looks out of place such as cycling shorts


Don’t wear clashing neon colors that make you stand out like a big flag on the course


Do not even think of wearing high heels!


A glittery golf club can make you seem really young… too young to be on the course. Make sure the club you are using looks professional.


This is not the occasion to wear a skirt that is too short. You will be doing a lot of bending over to pick up balls!


Ponchos don’t really suit the golf course.


Leave the long Goth cotton dress with bell sleeves at home.


Tie backs your hair or the other golfers will make fun of your sloppy ways!


Wear cotton clothes in a nice design.  White cotton is the coolest and looks the best.


Be sure to wear a cotton cap or a tasteful sunhat with a brim that is not too big.


Wear fashionable golf shoes with rubber studs.  Metal studs anger other golfers because they rip up the fields


Wear a tennis bracelet to show others that you know a thing or two about fashion!


Most women don’t look that hot in baggy scotch bloomers, but they look pretty in a Scottish kilt!  If the kilt is designer and made by Vivienne Westwood or has touches of leather, that is even better.  Pair that with a leather cap and leather golf gloves and a crisp white shirt and gold pin and you will look very sharp.


If you look prepared you also look good. Be sure to wear a utility belt that includes a place for your cell phone, water bottle, divots, wallet and anything else that you want to carry. It’s very fashionable to be carrying the latest gadgets, especially if you are not trying too hard!!