Even More Funky Fashion Trends From Milan

The mid-winter Milan Fashion show is the one that caters to people who are more on the edge and a bit more daring in fashion.  Although it is quite a domestic color many models were seen wearing peach for Spring. Peach eye shadow, peach blush and peach lipstick were complimented by peach colored clothing.  Most of the models wearing this color, which does not look good on everyone,  had natural looking brown hair.  The color actually clashes with many of the brighter colored shades of hair except for black.  Peach also does not go well with olive skin tones and it can make people with fair skin look quite washed out.


Another haute couture look is the female Elvis look. The designer house of  Etro sent models down the aisle that had large pompadours and slicked back sides.  This look was worked into the look even if the hair was very long. Many models also wore leather-jacket style outfits even if they were made of another material.  Lisa Marie Presley has been boasting this type of look for years.  However instead of black hair, most of the Estro models had brown or dark brown hair.


The models at Versace were a bit edgier and covered with vinyl and patent leather tops pierced with jewels that look like giant hat-pins and nails. Versace’s earrings border on torture and consist of a large spike with a jewel in the end that looks like it was jammed through the earlobe.  This is not very practical fashion but likely to be seen in clubs among the punk and fetish sets.


Studs and ribbed leather belts were also seen constricting the waists of models at Sportmax.  Sportmax had some of the oddest colors in it’s clothing collection including a very odd yellow olive color.


Handbeading was seen on many beautiful pieces of clothing. Jo No fui showed open black silk jackets that were covered with large square golden grids made out of tubular beads.  This beading is very reminiscent of looks from the twenties.  Also very twenties were the shiny silks that were shown on the runway.  Gabriele Colangelo covered maroon and brick shfits with dark gray flowing overcoats.


A look that was hot about a decade ago is now also back. This is the use of eyeliner dotting the lash line to make them look fuller. Ports 1961 showed models with a full heavy wing-like eye that has the dotts on the lower lid.