Tips for Looking Summery and Sexy


Summer and Spring are times of year when we like to cut loose a little, let down our hair and just look a little wilder and sexier.  Here are some tips for looking sexier than ever when you go on that date you got on .


Wear your hair up!  Fasten your hair up into a bun and use something unusual to hold it altogether like a couple of chopsticks or pencils.   Then take a very cool pleasant smelling perfume, such as a citrus-pepper blend, and spritz it behind your neck.


Think about exposing your belly to look a little sexier for the summer when you are dating. Take any normal T-shirt and cut it up the center and then use the ends as ties. Tie the shirt at the midriff to expose a sexy flat belly with a belly ring in it. However if your belly is not that flat and sexy then consider unbuttoning your shirt or wearing a shirt with a low V neck cleavage to expose sexy breast.


One archetypal work that works well in the summer is to dress in a long white linen shirt over light blue slightly ripped denim jeans. Pair this with high canvas wedgies or high heels and you will look like a farm girl ready to be ravaged in the hay.


Want to dazzle everybody with your unique shiny hair ? Try sprinkling a hand full of glitter in your hair.  Another sexy look is to give yourself roots that are  a lot darker than your real color if you are a blonde. You can achieve this look by using hair powders you can buy in the store or online. Joan Rivers makes a good line of different hair powders that can achieve very special effects.  Suddenly silver hair can have fake black roots for a day.  The great thing about these powders is that they also lift your hair at the root so that it looks like your hair has more volume.


For that “mysterious widow look get a very large hat in either white or black and wear it with the rim down over your eyes. Paired with big black sunglasses.  This was a look favored by Jacqueline Onassis, Audrey Hepburn and other celebrities from the sixties and seventies.


Everyone knows that sunglasses are sexy and this is a perfect time of year to show them off.  This look is especially sexy with either blood red lipstick or very pale pink lipstick that makes your look like a model or movie star from Mid Century America.